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Professional Resources/Headache Information for Clinicians

What's New in AHS and Headache Medicine

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UCNS Headache Medicine Subspecialty Certification

Headache Coding Corner - a user friendly guide to CPT and ICD coding

Headache Fact Sheets

Practice Parameters, Guidelines and Classification

Educational Resources

Patient Education

Practice Parameters, Guidelines and Classification

American Academy of Neurology (AAN) Practice Guidelines

US Headache Consortium Guidelines

IHS Guidelines: Classification (ICHD-II), Clinical Trials and Ethics

Guidelines for Trials of Behavioral Treatments for Recurrent Headache: Purpose, Process, and Product

American Headache Society® Behavioral Clinical Trials Workgroup

Educational Resources

Statistical Sample Size Calculator (as referenced in the May 2005 issue of Headache) - This calculator has been created to aid researchers in determining the adequacy of their sample sizes and resulting statistical power. Calculations are based on a normal curve test on the arcsine transformation of the proportions. 

How Do I Do It - practical step by step information from headache experts

Brainstorm Reference Guide - This resource guide includes information about Prevalence and Impact of Migraine, Migraine Mechanisms, History, Physical and Diagnosis, and Migraine Management. The appendix to the guide includes Evidence-based Guidelines for Migraine Headache, Patient Treatment Plan, International Headache Society ICD-10 Guide for Headaches, and Guidelines for Terminating Use of Prescription Analgesics. This guide provides in-depth accompaniement to the Brainstorm program, an innovative, multimedia educational program developed for physicians and health professionals with an interest in headache. This interactive, case-based program uses video case vignettes, animation, and illustrations to examine the impact of headache on patients' lives and teach the diagosis and treatment of patients with complex migraine disorders. Live presentations can be arranged through AHS headquarters.

Neurology Ambassador Program - Headache is, without question, one of the most common symptoms that today's physician must evaluate and treat. The differential diagnosis of this highly prevalent symptom is vast, with more than 300 different headache types and etiologies. The ability to diagnose and treat headache effectively is a clinical imperative. The Neurology Ambassador Program has been developed by the American Headache Society® to provide the cutting-edge knowledge needed to manage these patients.

AHS Headache Profiles - Each issue of the AHS Headache Profiles is a newsletter-style publication that presents a detailed vignette. Each issue is accompanied by brief articles addressing the issues raised in each case. The AHS Headache Profiles have been designed to be equally suitable for formal instruction or self-instruction by residents and students. To facilitate formal presentation, each issue's accompanying slides that illustrate or amplify material covered in the issue are available as PowerPoint (.ppt) files.

Patient Education

ACHE Slide Kit: Migraine and You - This one-hour teaching workshop is aimed to provide an interactive forum for health care providers to teach patients about migraine. This teaching course has been set up as a series of discussion questions that will lead the patients through an educational experience about recognizing and managing their headaches.

Headache Diaries

Trigger Avoidance Information

School Nurse Instruction Form

Patient Information and Instruction Form

Headache Journal Toolbox

Migraines and Other Headaches Reference Guide


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