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Neurology Ambassador Program

Headache is, without question, one of the most common symptoms that today's physician must evaluate and treat.  The differential diagnosis of this highly prevalent symptom is vast, with more than 300 different headache types and etiologies.  The ability to diagnose and treat headache effectively is a clinical imperative.  The Neurology Ambassador Program has been developed by the American Headache Society to provide the cutting-edge knowledge needed to manage these patients.

Please click the links below to view or download PDFs of the following topics:

 Acute Treatment of Migraine  Epidemiology & Impact of Headache & Migraine
 Chronic Daily Headache & Chronic Migraine  Headache Diagnosis & Testing 
 Cluster & Other Short-Lasting Headaches  Pathophysiology of Migraine
   Preventive Management of Migraine


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