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AHS's Headache Coding Corner
A User-Friendly Guide to CPT and ICD Coding

Submitted by: Stuart Black, MD

Are ACOs the Fix?

Part 1 - General Issues in Evaluation and Management (E & M) Coding in Headache
Part 2 - H & P and Nature of the Presenting Problem (NPP) in Headache Coding
Part 3 - Medical Decision Making (MDM) Coding in Headache
Part 4 - Counseling and Coordination of Care
Part 5 - CPT Coding and Resource Based Value System (RBRVS): A Review of Reimbursement and Politics
Part 6 - Coding Communication:  Non-Face-To-Face New CPT Codes for Telephone Services
Comparison Chart of ICD-9-CM and ICHD-2


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