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Continuing Medical Education

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CME Mission Statement

The provision of quality CME is a primary mission of the American Headache Society®. The Society's educational objectives are to continue to improve the knowledge, skills and professional performance of physicians, psychologists and other health professionals in the care of patients with head, neck and orofacial pain by:

  • Providing a forum for presentation of free scientific communication on research and clinical practice
  • Providing educational symposia
  • Improving education in medical schools and residency programs
  • Identifying and developing new educational initiatives
  • Supporting education programs directed to people with head, neck and orofacial pain
  • Maintaining strict adherence to ACCME guidelines
  • Developing educational activities and tools that are designed, and then evaluated, for their role in improving the learners’ competence, performance and the overall quality and safety of the care they give to individuals suffering from head, neck and orofacial pain.

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 All programs will be available to participants for a period of one year. If you have any questions regarding this CME website, please contact the American Headache Society® headquarters via email ( or by phone (856-423-0043).

There are no courses available at the moment, check back soon.