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Become a Member of the American Headache Society®

The American Headache Society® (AHS) is a professional membership society of health care providers dedicated to the study and treatment of headache and face pain. The Society's objectives are to promote the exchange of information and ideas concerning the causes and treatments of headache and related painful disorders. Educating physicians, health professionals and the public and encouraging scientific research are the primary functions of AHS.

AHS has three types of membership: Active, Associate and Trainee.

Active Membership
$149 for the first year; $199 ($219 outside the USA) for renewals

Active membership is restricted to professionals holding one of the following degrees: MD, DO (or its equivalent as defined by the American Medical Association), a degree in Dentistry (DMD or DDS), a doctorate in pharmacy (PharmD) or a PhD in a health-related field, such as biochemistry, pharmacology or psychology.  They should have an interest in headache, facial pain or the nature of pain in general.  Applicants must include a copy of their currently valid license to practice, or proof of their degree.

Active members may vote and have the “privilege of the floor” at all member meetings of AHS at which matters are presented to the members for a vote and as members of its Committees. Active members may hold office and serve on Committees as designated by the President.

Associate Membership
$75 per year

Associate membership is for nurse practitioners, registered nurses, pharmacists, social workers, master level psychologists, physical therapists and physicians assistants.  Applicants must include a copy of their current license appropriate to their field.

Associate membership includes all the benefits of Active membership except voting privileges and election to the Board of Directors.

Trainee Membership
$65 per year

Trainee membership is for health professionals currently enrolled full time in graduate or postgraduate training in the fields of medicine, dentistry, psychology, or other bioscience.  Medical students may be assigned Trainee status.  These members will be reviewed annually to verify eligibility for Trainee member status.  Applicants must include a letter of verification of active training from their institution.

Trainee membership includes all the benefits of Active membership except voting privileges or election to the Board of Directors.

Membership in AHS will allow you all of the following benefits:

To become an AHS Member:

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