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The American Headache Society® (AHS) is a professional society of health care providers dedicated to the study and treatment of headache and face pain. Founded in 1959, AHS brings together physicians and other health providers from various fields and specialties to share concepts and developments about headache and related conditions. The Society comprises over 1,500 health care professionals with backgrounds as diverse as the hospitals, universities, clinics and practices they represent from around the world.  Members of AHS share an interest in headache, facial pain and the nature of pain itself. For more information about membership, please click here.


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Founded April 8, 1959, during the annual meeting of the American Medical Association (AMA), AHS brings physicians from various fields and specialties together to share concepts and developments about headache and related conditions.

To supplement its annual scientific meeting, AHS developed an annual headache symposium in 1970 that continues today. The symposium addresses a variety of topics, with the goal of teaching health care professionals. AHS now holds one teaching symposia a year in addition to its scientific meeting.

In 1990, the Society formed the American Council for Headache Education (ACHE), a partnership between patients and health care professionals devoted to enhancing public understanding of this wide-spread and underestimated illness. ACHE is now known as the AHS Committee for Headache Education.

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The core goal of AHS is to improve the lives of headache sufferers.

The objectives of AHS are to:

To meet these objectives AHS will develop and provide scientific meetings, educational courses, a journal, and other methods contributing to the increased knowledge of headache and related painful conditions; enhancing the educational experience through innovation.

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Educational Objectives

AHS’s educational objectives are to continue to improve the knowledge, skills and professional performance of physicians, psychologists and other health professionals in the care of patients with head, neck and orofacial pain by:

The Society attempts to increase knowledge of headache and related conditions by:

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About This Website

The public portion of this web site offers clinically oriented information on headache as well as information about AHS programs and activities. This information is intended primarily for health care professionals. Headache sufferers and other interested non-professionals may wish to consult the information offered by the AHS Committee for Headache Education (ACHE).

The American Headache Society® (AHS) website is funded by the Society, with no outside commercial funding.

We subscribe to the HONcode principles. Verify here.

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The American Headache Society® would like to thank the following companies who offer unrestricted support to its educational programs:


Endo Pharmaceuticals
MAP Pharmaceuticals
Valeant Pharmaceuticals

None of these companies has any editorial control over the content of this site.

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Formerly known as the American Association for the Study of Headache (AASH)

© 2006 American Headache Society
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